Feature of Year Album - The glamor of Year Album that absolutely you want to create-

Possible to order for memories of 1 year within 5 minutes at the minimum.

If you think it is time-consuming to select from a gallery of pictures, try selecting the ‘period’ when the pictures are taken and ‘number of pages’ you prefer. The image selection and layout creation will be done automatically. The time taken to create a Year Album can be as short as 5 minutes*. 

  • Standard time to create a 16-page album for 500 pictures of 2-3MB size with Core 2 DUO or higher CPU.
  • It is the time needed to input contents before clicking on the order button.



Equiped with Smart Casting Function that arranges layout focusing on the particular person.

You can select the focal character for the Year Album with Fujifilm Image Organizer. 

Click here for details on how to set the focal character.

By setting a particular person as a focal character, the layout is arranged automatically with the focus on him or her. This is exceptionally useful when creating a family album with the focus on his or her child.

Consumers are very satisfied with this Smart Casting function than the traditional automatic layout. Try it out yourself now!

Satisfaction survey in the automatic layout

Fixate your important memories clearly and everlastingly.”

It is possible to preserve your cherished moments and keep it free from fingerprints with Year Album as both sides are made with ultra high-quality argentate photographic print and matte-type developing paper. Creating a long-lasting family album has never been any easier!

Enjoy adding it one by one every year on the bookshelf.

Year Album uses high-quality photograph (developing paper) with high-definition printing finish. Creating a long-lasting family album has never been any easier!

The point of Year Album


Choose from A5 size (convenient to carry around) or A4 size (for the optimal viewing experience).


Lay-flat binding with hard cover that provides a sense of luxury. Suitable for preserving cherished memories for a long time.


Luxurious hard cover with personalized title. Choose from 3 types - tile type, random type or no photo type.


Year and serial number icon can be placed below the Year Album title in the spine. This help to organize Year Albums created over the years.

Inside Cover

Choose between ‘tile’ or ‘random’ for the inner cover.

The last page

Shooting date and time of the pictures in the album is printed. In addition, there is a blank page for handwritten notes or greetings.


Thoughtfully-designed layout with maximum of 12 pictures.


Insert picture caption. 10 fonts and 6 colors available.


Wide variety of stamps. Enjoy decorating your Year Album with thematic stamps eg. seasonal, festive etc.

For the details of the specification