Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started on creating my Year Album?

Refer to our video guide here

I did not receive the verification email from Year Album SG, what should I do?

Please check your junk/spam folder for the verification email. If it isn't there, please contact us at

How to apply the promo code?

After editing, proceed to the order screen and enter the promo code.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time is approx. 8 working days excluding Sat, Sun and PH after the order is completed.

What are the image files that can be used?

The image file formats that can be used are JPEG (excluding Progressive JPEG and JPEG2000).

Can you make a Year Album using pictures taken from mobile phones?

As long as the files are in JPEG format, they can be used. However, wallpaper images on mobile phones (less than 480 pix) cannot be used.

What is the basis for image selection and layout?

Through Fujifilm's image analysis technology "Image Organizer" the images are analyzed within a set period of time. In addition, the technology can do image selection and choose the optimal image from a large number of images, and can perform other types of image analysis, such as adjusting the brightness of the image based on the date and time information, focus, face authentication, etc. Also, the Year Album can organize the photos that you took in a year and make them in a book, so not only you can choose the best pictures, but also lay them out perfectly within a set time frame.

What is the maximum pixels Year Album software can accept?

Year Album can accept up to 15 million pixels; however the number of pixels can vary depending on the PC used and the amount of data. If the PC specifications are low, if the amount of pixels is high (large files), then the operations may slow down and the screen may hang. If this happens, user should decrease the amount of pixels or data size by using editing software to resize.

Does it mean that the higher the pixels used by the camera, the better quality the Year Album would be?

During the ordering process, the photos are resized to match the resolution of the output, Hence, the resolution will be the same throughout.

The resolution of the output in both printing and photographic paper is 300 dpi. The required number of pixels will differ depending on the size and resolution of the picture.

Do you have the Year Album in other sizes?

Currently, the Year Album is only available in A4 and A5 size.

What is the maximum number of images that can be read?

Currently, the number of images that can be read and analyzed is 3,000. If you have more than 3,000 images, please narrow them according to time period and save into folders.

Can you use images which are uploaded on Facebook?

It is possible to use images from Facebook saved on the PC, but images from Facebook do not have time and date information, so initial layout cannot be performed automatically. You will need to manually input the images with the Year Album software.

Are the images automatically corrected?

By default, images are automatically corrected, but the automatic correction can be removed with the Year Album software.

How many images can be fitted into a page?

A spread (2-pages) can fit a maximum of 12 images.

Can I resume editing saved data on another PC?

Currently, the data can only be edited on the PC where it is saved. The saved data cannot be transferred, or copied to another PC.

What is the maximum number of characters that can be entered?

The title can have up to 20 characters, the subtitle 24 characters and the comments can have up to 30 characters.

Why can’t I enter characters vertically?

The Year Album software does not allow vertical text input.

What is the barcode located on the right side of the last page and on the front and back cover pages?

It is the control number that is necessary during the binding process of the data. Please note that in the part that displays the bar code, the image, characters, and background will be cut.

* The barcode displayed on the screen is an image. It may be different from the actual barcode.

What is a promo code?

Promo codes are codes that you can use to get a discount on your order.

How can I get a promo code?

Promo codes are issued by Fujifilm via Year Album mailing list, social media networks, Year Album website as well as promotional materials.

Why isn’t the promo code working?

Please check if the promo code is entered in CAPS.

Promo codes have an expiry date to it. If it still doesn’t work, it means that promo code has expired.

Do you deliver outside of Singapore?

Sorry, we only deliver within Singapore.

Can I cancel an order after placing it?

You cannot cancel an order after confirmation.

How long does delivery takes?

Delivery takes approximately 8 working days, excluding Sat, Sun and PH.

* However, delivery time may be longer during festive seasons.

How do I collect my Year Album?

We provide home delivery via courier service or store pick-up.

Can you deliver in a specified time window?

We are unable to deliver in a specified time window.

What are the payment modes?

Credit card, debit card and Paypal

Can I change the delivery address?

Yes, you can. When ordering, you can change the delivery destination upon checkout.

How much is the delivery charges?

The nationwide uniform charge for home delivery and store pick up is SGD6.50 with GST.

After clicking "Order confirmed," an error message appeared and I was not able to upload the Year Album data.

If you are using mobile connections, LAN, etc., please connect to the internet using cable.

Or, if sending data is restricted by security software, please turn off the security software functions temporarily.

Can I return and/or exchange my order?

We do not accept return or exchange because of Year Album is made-to-order.

We pay careful attention to production but if there are quality issues such as the finished product being damaged, we will replace the product if it is sent back to us within seven days after receiving the item. Also, we will replace the product if it is damaged during delivery. In these cases, Fujifilm will bear the delivery charge for return/exchange.

* There is a difference in the quality of colors shown on a PC screen and on printed material, hence the same color may appear different. We cannot accept any product that is returned for due to this. For text colors, the same thing may happen. Please note that, especially for highlighted and bright text, the output color may be darker than the color on the screen.

What is the difference between the colors seen on a PC screen, and the colors on the delivered product?

Automatic color correction is done on images, so the colors on the images and the delivered product may be different.

We set the standards of print quality to approximate PDF monitor screen after correction (sRGB:65K・γ=2.2); however, please note that it may not be completely consistent.

We cannot accept exchanges or refunds due to this reason.

Do you accept all types of images?

Images that are vulgar, violent, or that violate public decency are not acceptable. Please understand that under such circumstances, the product may not be delivered or refunded.

What are the important points to note regarding storage?

Product quality may deteriorate if stored under high temperature or humidity. The product may fade when exposed to direct sunlight. Do not store Year Album under high temperature, high humidity or direct sunlight.